Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dollydagger - Gorgeous Retro Style Dresses - Floral, Forties and Frills!

I just love Dollydagger, I love their retro styled dresses and their cute and quirky accessories. They stock a range of vintage inspired styles from the forties style Stop Staring dresses to 80's style prom dresses and a little bit of fifties Rockabilly in between! Here are three dresses that I am currently loving from the Dollydagger website...

I absolutely LOVE this dress!! Scarlet English Rose Dress for £130 Apparently the skirt has a whopping 5m of fabric to give it that beautiful very fifties shape. Love it!

Cherry Red Obsession Dress by Stop Staring for £163 I love the pleated waist-band and curve-hugging skirt... even if those two things don't necessarily love me! Even though it doesn't suit my body shape, it doesn't stop me loving it.

Red Star Print Party Dress for £55 this adorable dress comes with detachable straps (which is good for me, I can't wear strapless dresses) and in 5 different colours. Perfect for an upcoming party! I love the look of the this dress with a gorgeous frilly petticoat peeping out of the bottom.


Helen said...

I adore Dolly Dagger stuff! I really want some of their high waisted shorts!

Jet said...

I love everything about Dolly Dagger. My favourite dress in the world is from there.

Have you seen Vivienne of Holloway dresses, I believe they're sold on DD.

Jet, x

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I absolutely love that first dress too! Sooo prettyful, and with that lovely big skirt to twirl round in. :)

Florrie x