Sunday, 15 August 2010

Double Dose of Polka Dots - Polka Dot Weddings!

This Monday's Double Dose of Polka Dots is on a wedding theme. There have been a lot of weddings this year: two of my friends from uni got married this year, and an old college friend and work colleague is getting married in a few weeks time. I wore polka dots to my uni friend's wedding, and I plan on wearing them to the upcoming September wedding too! So, continuing the wedding and polka dots combination, here are two pretty polka dot things for your delight!

I absolutely love this dress! Naturally it's the polka dots I adore, but the whole style and cut of the dress is gorgeous too! From The Wedding Ideas Blog - Polka dot special.

No polka dot wedding would be complete without the polka dot wedding cake! This pastel polka dot cake is from Dream Weddings on a Budget blog - polka dot special. If I ever got married I would have to ensure that the cake was a chocolate one! Or vanilla sponge, carrot cake, lemon drizzle... anything but fruit cake! I'm loath to admit, but I'm just not a fan of the classic fruit cake!

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women's fashion jewellery said...

I love the polka daot dress, I would never have thought polka dots would look good on a wedding dress but that one looks gorgeous :)