Saturday, 19 November 2011

Polka Dot Dresses For The Party Season!

Vero Moda Polka Dot Empire Dress
ASOS - £28

Christmas is only round the corner, so it's time to get some brand new polka dots! Although, if I'm honest, I don't need an excuse to increase my polka dottage - but of course that's not going to prevent me from being tempted to buy a couple of new dresses. It certainly didn't take long for my class to realise my polka dots obsession... a matter of minutes I think! Here are a few lovely dresses that I have found to get you started on your party season dress search!

Lace collared polka dot dress
Dorothy Perkins - £25

Polka dot lace dress
Alice By Temperly - £425

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Break in the Blogging Silence - Polka Dot Dresses!

Some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of posts from my blog of late... I've started my NQT year, we've had a visitation from Ofsted, I've moved house and renovated and decorated it, so it has been slightly action-packed in the All About Abbie household! As a bit of a treat to myself for getting through the past few weeks in one piece (just about!) I decided I would treat myself to something a) pretty, and - most imporantly - b) polka dot! So I have been scouring the web for some delightful dotty dresses to share with you all! Enjoy!

Polka Dot Sailor Dress - H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams

I think this is my favourite of the dresses I have discovered... and it's in the sale too! Bonus!

Polka Dot Sweetheart Mesh Dress - Dorothy Perkins

I promise to blog again at some point in the next few weeks. Hope everyone is good and is continuing to inject polka dots into their lives! What is the best polka dotty item you've bought recently? Send me a tweet or email and I'll feature it in my next post!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

New Home - Red Polka Dots!

Apologies for the distinct lack of blogging of late... I've just started my teaching post and I'm loving it, but it does leave me with less time for blogging! But not only is my new career reducing my amount of blogging... but I'm also in the process of moving house! It's rather exciting as it's the first time we've been able to decorate our home exactly as we'd like! So naturally there are polka dots galore...

Giant Red Polka Dot Teacup Planter - £24.99
Our new place has some lovely big window sills and I've earmarked one of the big ones for a lovely giant teacup planter... all I need now is a pretty plant!

Red Polka Dot Lamp Shade - £28
The bedroom has a red polka dot theme, and this little lampshade would set it all off a treat!

Polka Dot Bird and Heart Hooks - £7.50
How cute are these little hooks, I'm thinking a little trip to Brighton is in order to pop into Velvet in the lanes to purchase them.

Polka Dot Bird Book Ends - £12
Our study is going to have a wall of bookcases and these delightful pair would look lovely propping up my hundreds of beloved books! (p.s. down with Kindles!)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Cupcake Ferris Wheel!

How much do I want a cupcake ferris wheel??... the answer is... a lot! I'm not sure how many times my cupcake ferris wheel would actually make it out of the cupboard, but that is entirely besides the point... on second thoughts, I'd probably have it permanently positioned on the kitchen worktop so I could have a constant supply cupcakey treats!

Cupcake Ferris Wheel - $299
From Knob Creek Metal Arts

A cupcake ferris wheel would be lovely for parties: it's so colourful and fun. It would be a good reason to bake cupcakes that's for sure! Plus, the company that makes these delights can make them in different colours and can be completely customised - I'd obviously go for a polka dot version! What colours/pattern would you decorate yours with?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Strawberry Fool - Homeware and Lovliness!

I'm beginning to get a little bit excited about moving house, mainly because the place, is a MAJOR project... the place had been neglected for a decade and has been empty for over a year. So I've spent the past week solidly, gardening, taking down shelving, polyfilling, sanding woodwork, drilling, painting, painting, and more painting! I've been a busy little bee! I just want the place to be ready for furnishing now, I'm getting a little bored of decorating! So here are a few lovely things from Strawberry Fool that I have my eye on for beautifying the flat...

Giant Red Polka Dot Tea Cup Planter - £24.99
My mum bought me one of these gorgeous planters a little while ago and I thought it'd look lovely in the new place... I just need a plant to put in it now!

Ollie Owl Bookends - £16.99
These cute little fellas would look great propping up some of my (thousands of) books

Marmite Coasters - £6.99
I'm a massive lover of Marmite, so these would be perfect, however, the other half absolutely detests the stuff, so I'm not so sure how much he'd approve of these!

Cupcake Daily Diary Chalkboard - £19.99
My mum also bought me this cute chalkboard, she knows me oh so well!

Colourful Photo Frame Clock - £31.99
I've got a free space of wall that is crying out for a lovely clock... I came across this design a while ago and loved it!

Tea Cup Silicone Cake Case - £14.99
I've been lusting after these for aaaages now, They're just such a wonderful idea!

*We're Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, How About You, You, You*

Yesterday I took a little trip to Port Lympne Zoo with some lovely people.. the weather was shockingly bad, mostly torrential rain (gotta love British unexpected downpours), but desipte the adverse weather conditions, we had a lovely day and saw most of the animals... all except the gorillas, a little disappointed about that but I can't blame the gorillas for wanting to hide away from the elements in their cosy beds!

This was my favourite little fella, he sat posing for photos whilst enjoying a crunchy carrot and leaves...

Me and the Lovely Joanne by the hedge maze

The giraffes were out in the safari enclosure. It's great, the animals have so much space to roam alongside other animals that would naturally share their habitat.

One of the white rhinos came to say hello

We took bets to see if I was taller than the giraffe or not....... I wasn't!

Deluxe hot chocolate break! After all the rain (whoever said summer was supposed to be sunny anyway!) we needed a warming beverage!

Tiger sitting in the rain...

It's such a shame that the mansion isn't open to the public anymore... only for weddings and events. It was always a great part of the zoo visit!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Tower of London and a Day as a London Tourist!

Yesterday I embarked on a little journey to London to visit my lovely sister along with the parentals. Our first point of call was the Tower of London. I'd never actually been there before in all my London outings! It was brilliant, a little pricey, but that is to be expected in the city and it was well worth it: there was so much to see!

Traitors Gate

Lion Gargoyle

Off to see the crown jewels! There was so much sparkle! But alas, photography was not allowed in the vaults... It was rather busy so we had to view the really sparkly pieces on a travelator to keep the crowds moving.

The ravens were so used to the tourists that they all posed for the many cameras...

The changing of the guard...

We made a pit stop at The Dickens Inn...

... then the weather made a turn for the worst! We hopped on a Thames Clipper to travel down the river towards Greenwich and the Maritime Museum.

Me and Jenny outside the Tower of London. I think Jenny may have coordinated her dress to match the medieval tent in the background ;)