Sunday, 31 October 2010

Double Dose of Polka Dots - Vintage Heels

Being 4'9'' I need all the extra height I can get, but despite my shortness I've never been able to walk in heels. As a child I was notoriously clumsy and as an adult I'm not much better. So heels+walking+me=disaster! But it doesn't stop me loving heels, they are just so darn good to look at! Especially when they are delightfully adorned with polka dots. So, here, my polka dotty friends, is your double dose of polka dots to brighten up your Monday morning!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Etsy Delights - Yummy Pocket iphone Cozies

I've never really been one for getting up-to-date phones - I've still got a Sega Megadrive and PS1! And I'm quite content as long as my phone is able to send texts and recieves calls. But recently I've been finding myself wanting something a bit more from my phone (although not quite wanting it enough to pay more money for it) and I've never wanted an iphone more than now after seeing these brilliant iphone cozies made by Yummy Pocket.

Which one do you like best? I love the Game Boy iphone cozy as it appeals to my retro-gaming geek side! :)

Friday, 29 October 2010

French Fancies of the Fiendish Variety!

I absolutely LOVE french fancies... they are possibly the most amazing cakes every created by man! I am not alone in my obsession either, my boss and most of my work colleagues share my love for Mr kipling's fondant fancies too, so there is often an excuse for us to bring in boxes of the delightful treats to work. I also love the limited edition varieties as well - yes it is a shameless attempt to sell more cakes with a novelty factor, but it works! The orange "Fiendish Fancies" are specially released for Halloween...

They're just so darn delicious! and pretty! (and also a ridiculously large proportion of the GDA of sugar!)

There were also some scrummy strawberry french fancies over the summer that went down a treat!

Let's not forget the "BIG french fancy" birthday cake variety: when one little french fancy just won't cut it!

The french fancy costume I made my boss for our fancy dress end-of-season party... out of a cardboard box, some pink wrapping paper and white wool! I told you we were all obsessed!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Haircuts - My Loves and Hates!

I've always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with having to get my hair cut. When I find a place I like (after a lot of searching) I'm pretty loyal. I went along to a hair salon in Leeds today to get my haircut, It wasn't the most amazing haircut I've ever had, but overall a nice experience (due to most of the loves and hates below). My hair felt absolutely amazing after the haircut: super shiny and soft, due to the gorgeous macadamia treatment. However it's not exactly styled as I'd like, I usually have my hair shorter and let it dry naturally as my hair likes to flick out nicely at the bottom - so that it appears as if I've done something to it - and it looks a bit like a Playmobil haircut! :) but the hairdresser today decided to start straightening my hair without asking, and it feels all wrong...


Having my hair washed with yummy smelling products and the all important head massage! You can't beat it! It's just so relaxing and lovely. Just what I need to set me up for a day of stressful uni work and filling out teaching pool applications! eek!

When the hair dresser remembers exactly how I like my hair. My favourite hair dresser, who I had only visited once before, remember details about my hair 6 months later, I was mightily impressed!

My new haircut, can't wait to wash it and have it just how I like it.
(Lets play the "spot the polka dots" game!)


The fact that my eye-sight is so terrible, I don't wear contact lenses (I can't deal with poking things into my eyeballs... just wrong!) and I have to take my glasses off while my hair is being cut. Which means one of two things happen, I either end up being really annoying and keep stopping the hairdresser to put my glasses on to check what she is doing, or keep my glasses off and only look at the end... by which point my hair could look like anything! Plus, when the whole of my vision is a complete blur it get's pretty boring... I can't even count the tiles on the floor, be nosy in the mirror, etc.

Ok, so this isn't necessarily a HATE, but more of a mild dislike... I dislike feeling like I have to tell the hairdressers my life story, don't get me wrong, I like a little bit of genuine and polite natter, but don't feel like you have to fill every gap of silence with inane ramblings or personal questions.

When I say, I like my hair to flick out, please don't ignore me and blow dry it so it curls under, and then proceed to straighten my hair...

What do you love or hate about visiting your hair salon?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fundraising for Gambia - Sponsored Spooky Sleepover in "Haunted" Caves

Firstly, I am fundraising for a charity called F.R.O.G.S (Friends of Gambian Schools). I will be going out to The Gambia in June to help transform their classrooms into vibrant learning environments. The school cannot afford to buy books for the children and so I, along with 29 other Primary Ed students at Leeds Trinity University, will be going out to The Gambia and painting their classrooms inside and out. But not just a white-wash, we will be painting their curriculum and learning resources onto the walls e.g. number squares, phonetic alphabet etc. Below is the hard work from previous years' students...



Fundraising efforts No.1 - Spooky Sleepover in The Caves!

So... In order for me to raise the £1000 one of the things I will be doing is doing a Sponsored Spooky Sleepover in my local Caves and tourist attraction (Smugglers Adventure) in St.Clements caves. We will be watching a few scary films in the video theatre and then sleep in the "Chapel" cavern (supposedly the most haunted part of the caves!)...

Here's where you come in! If you'd like to sponsor me to complete my challenge of sleeping overnight underground in the spooky caves then please visit my online sponsorship form here. all you have to do is fill it in and pledge your amount and I will collect the money after I have completed my challenge... remember every penny counts and even the smallest amount can make a huge difference! Anything that you give will be greatly appreciated and will get me a step closer to making a difference in the Gambian School and will help a great cause for a hard-working charity that strives to improve the lives of many children.

The mysterious carving in the "Chapel"

Oh, and did I mention, we will be sharing the caves with these delightful European Cave Spiders for that added element of challenge!

Double Dose of Polka Dots - Dotty Cars!

I have been scouring the world wide web of polka dots for your Double Dosage this monday morning... and I have come across some vehicular based polka dots, after all why should your love of polka dots stop at your car!

If I were to ever have a car, It'd be a polka dot Nissan Figaro! But I wouldn't say no to this cute blue polka dot Mini Cooper. The car is decorated with magnetic spots from Sticars - "magnetic personality for your car".

Once your car is all polka dotted up, then why stop there? Go the whole dotty hog and add some lovely pink car seat covers too for £38.50 from Me-Mo.

Make Me A Dress - Beautiful Handmade Dresses by Alexandra King

I just LOVE the beautiful dresses designed and handmade by the wonderfully talented Alexandra King. They feature some of my favourite things, polka dots, buttons and bows! The styles are vintage inspired and simply gorgeous! She sells her lovely dresses in her Etsy shop so visit it immediately to get your hands on one of her many dresses. Also follow her blog for more of her creations and inspirations!

Love this collar!


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Want to Commission yourself a piece of Art? Now's your chance!

As many of my Twitter friends are aware, I am going to be going to The Gambia in June 2011. I will be visiting a Gambian School representing the F.R.O.G.S charity (Friends of Gambian Schools) Where I will be, along with my fellow Primary Ed students from Leeds Trinity University, transforming classrooms into useable, vibrant learning environments. We will be painting the classrooms inside and out and painting their curriculum and learning resources onto their walls as they cannot afford books for the children and teachers. Here are a few photos of the hard work of previous students involved in the project: the difference they made to the school and the lives of the children was massive.

In order for me to be able to make a difference to this school, I need to raise £1000 before February. Alongside the fundraising I will be doing at university and back home, I am going to be selling paintings.

Have you ever wanted to commission a personalised piece of art? Well, now's your chance! I am going to be lending my artistic skills and creativity to the cause. If you look through my art below and like what you see and would like something similar (or something completely different!) send me an email ( and I will create your piece of art. Alternatively you can go through my Etsy shop and "request custom item" from me.

Every single penny made will go towards my fundraising efforts to help Gambian schools. You will decide exactly how much you pay for your piece of art. As long as the cost of materials and postage is covered and at least £5 (or more depending on the piece) is going to the charity, you name your price.

So, if you want a drawing, painting, or something a little bit different, or you want to give a special Christmas present, please don't wait... email me now! Also, if you could share a link to this blog, or retweet my tweets if you are of the Twitter persuasion, it would be much appreciated!