Sunday, 15 July 2012

Feather and Black Challenge - Phase 2!

I have been shopping to find complementary pieces for the Feather & Black challenge which you can read about here. Plus, I've added the reveal photo to Facebook, so you can hit 'LIKE' to vote for my room now.

As a reminder, here is the piece of furniture I'm styling up -  Olivia white wooden blanket box

My room is pretty much a blank canvas, but my style is quite feminine and I love having memories and trinkets on display. So when I went shopping, that's where I focused my efforts. I like to get the most for my money and seek out great buys, and that's exactly what I've been doing!

I definitely got a lot for my money and I went for a London theme and subtle colour palette. The small cushions were £12.80, reduced from £16 and the large ones were £20 reduced from £25. The Tea for Two London set was £18 and the 'Home' Scrabble Cubes were £19.50. The little white photo frames were just £4.20 each - all this was from Debenhams. 

The Breakfast in Bed tray was £7.99 from Robert Dyas - an unlikely place for pretty bits. Store Twenty One was where I picked up the Morrocan style lamps at £5.99 each.


Finally, I hit Haydens Home Style, the shop my parents run alongside their carpet business, for the half moon rug £12.99, wicker tea cup planter £8.95,  beach sign £4.95,  small wicker heart £1.75, larger wicker, heart £2.50, Shabby chic heart photo frame £8.95.

The next post will include the final room with all the goodies in place. What do you think so far?

Alternative Wedding Guestbook Ideas

I have been thinking about mine and Danny's guestbook for our wedding and I found some really wonderful ideas in the blogosphere. I love the idea of having a typewriter set up so guests can leave messages and share their wishes for us. I discovered the lovely photo above over at The Boho Wedding Blog and the photo below at Blue Sky Papers.

 Lovely typewriter - The Boho Wedding Blog

 Leave a message on the tree...

 I like this idea, guests leave a message on a puzzle piece - Wedding Guestbook Puzzles

 Why not leave a message on a decorative plate - The Lemon Peel

 I know Danny would really like this idea, leaving messages on records - Ti Amo

I also really like the idea of using old vintage postcards for people to leave messages on - The Boho Wedding Blog

Monday, 9 July 2012

Feather & Black Make-Over Challenge!

The Feather & Black challenge couldn't have come at a better time for me, we'd just manged to get rid of an old desk that was taking up valueable space in our bedroom... which just so happens to be the PERFECT space for a lovely blanket box from Feather & Black. I have long admired their gorgeous bedroom furniture. My fairytale, dream house would have a Feather & Blacks bedroom - in (my favourite) the Sienna range.

While we have not long moved into the house, we are still working on making the space our own and adding our own finishing touches to it. We are also still in the process of building up our collection of furniture (coming from rented and furnished accomodation whilst we were students). What it really needs is a bit more character. I love the windows in our bedroom, they let in lots of light and they have huge window sills. But at the moment our bedroom is still very bland and it's lacking something... Here is the bedroom "before" the Feather & Black make-over...

Keep your eyes peeled for my next two posts... revealing the makeover as it progresses! In the meantime have a look and see which range is your favourite on their website. Good luck to the other bloggers taking part in the challenge, I can't wait to see what you do with your rooms! Check out their Feather & Black make-overs - at That's Yummy Mummy, Mummy in Manolos, Mother's Always Right, and Emma and Three. My challenge will be featuring on The Style PA's blog too so be sure to pay her a visit. Below is the beautiful blanket box that I will be adding to our room in a bid to give it the Feather & Black make-over challenge!

Also, on another note, at some point in the last couple of posts I hit the big 300! Happy 300th blog post to me, hurrah! Thank you to anyone who has had a little look at my blog over the past three years...