Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Problematic Relationship With Cath Kidston...

This post breaks my heart but it has to be said...

My relationship with Cath Kidston is a problematic one... mainly because I absolutely ADORE virtually EVERYTHING that they sell... however, my bank balance and meagre student loan does not. Therein lies the problem. No doubt you have heard me profess my love for almost every single polka dotted item in their various ranges of bags, kitchenware, clothing, accesseries and more. But in fact there are very few things that I own that are actually Cath Kidston. One of those things is a polka dot umbrella that was bought with vouchers I won and another is a beautiful address book my younger sister Fay bought me for Christmas.

I LOVE their saddle bags, but at almost £70 a pop I simply cannot justify buying them, especially when I'm into my overdraft and bills are impending.It might just be me, as I have never spent more than £35 on a pair of shoes regardless of their quality, I have never spent more than £25 on a bag and at the moment I'm not in any kind of financial situation to buck that trend! I have lost count of the times I have gone into a Cath Kidston shop and tried on the bags and came so close to blowing my budget on one. I do have a modicum of restraint though, I'm glad to say, and I've managed to walk away...

On a more positive note, the good thing is that I am able to express my love for all things Cath Kidston on my blog and when I go into Leeds I can oggle all the beautiful things in the shop (sad but true!) and imagine how gorgeous and Cath Kidstonised my future house/outfits/accessories will be, whe my bank balance improves. Also, with the emphasis on florals, polka dots and all things retro and vintage inspired, there are a wealth of Cath Kidston alternatives for the more restrained budget.
What is your relationship with Cath Kidston like? Do you blow-out on their beautiful things? Or are you reluctantly restrained and find alternatives like me?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Polka Dot Give Away!!

I've been writing this blog for over two years now and I've got almost 100 followers. So I thought it'd be the perfect time for a little polka dotty give away to reward my lovely followers! I love blogging, plus, I know everyone says it, but I would happily blog away even if there were only 2 people who read it. So every person who takes the time to read my blog is an added bonus. It's a bit of a creative outlet and a way of sharing and discovering lovely things.

Sooo! I've got two little polka dotty goodie bags to give away to two lucky followers! Including some polka dot hair accessories, some soap and glory goodies, polka dot pencils, polka dot cake cases, and more!

All you need to do to be in for a chance of winning is be a follower of my blog and comment below. I'll put all the names into a hat and draw the winners in a week's time on Wednesday the 6th April... Good luck everyone!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Double Dose of Polka Dots - Dotty Kitchen Appliances!

I have been neglecting my Monday post of double dosage dotty delights... so I'm trying to change that. This week's theme is kitchen appliances. My friend from uni said that she'd spotted a toaster that she knew I would love whilst shopping (naturally, it was polka dot!) so I decided to have a little search online to find myself some polka dotty kitchen appliances and came up with these two little gems...

Dose number one:
Red Polka Dot Toaster -£32 from Simply Be
I would LOVE this to grace my kitchen with it's polka dotty presence... it's a delight! It is also available in light blue or white with multicoloured dots. But I think the red is my favourite.

Dose number two:
Red Polka Dot Kettle - £42 from Simply Be
Like the toaster, this kettle is also available in light blue or white with multicoloured dots. One of these days, when I have a little more cash at my disposal, I'm going to upgrade my value bog standard kettle and toaster with some kitchen appliances more befitting of a polka dot addict such as myself!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Leeds Vintage Fair - Polka Dots and Pretty Things!

I was went along to the Vintage Fair at Leeds Met SU today. I have been disappointed in the past with some vintage fashion fairs, but this one was brilliant! I toodled along nice and early, paid my £1, got my hand stamped and I was ready to go! I managed to bag myself a dress (polka dot -of course!) and two pairs of earrings and met some lovely people too.

The fair was quite a lot bigger than other fairs I've been to. It was spread through both bars of the student union and had a range of goods on sale: there were lots of lovely vintage clothes stands, handmade, quirky and vintage jewellery stalls, and a few with some lovely and quite kitschy homewear bits and bobs too.

I managed (somehow, I don't know how) to resist the urge to buy one of the gorgeous looking cupcakes! I have so many cookies left over from the charity cake sale I did yesterday, I thought it'd be rude to buy more sweet treats when I have so many at home! They did look amazing though. The last vintage fair in Leeds I went to, the Marvellous Tea Dance Co catered for it and I succumbed to the cake and had a lovely slice of strawberry jam sponge with edible glitter on top!

I LOVE all the china cups and saucers... if only I drank tea! I'd fill my kitchen with them.

There were some really brilliant stalls at the vintage fair, I think this one might have possibly been my favourite. There were so many lovely items of jewellery, I really could have spent an absolute fortune! The stall belonged to Razor Blade Mermaid Jewellery a lovely, fellow polka dots appreciater, who I had a little chat with. I love how friendly and fun these events are, and full of vintage and handmade delights!

If my meagre student loan could have allowed, I would definitely have cleared out this stall, everything was so wonderful!

I love the little birdcage necklace on the left especially.

How cute are these lovely necklaces

I know someone who would LOVE the bracelet with the swallows and anchors on it...

My lovely earrings from Razor Blade Mermaid Jewellery. I love the way that they were presented on miniature playing cards: such a nice little touch.

I tried on this beautiful dress from the Dorothy's Wardrobe stall. I love the light blue floral print and the laced collar, but alas, the dress cut me in at the waist too low and wasn't flattering for my shape. It didn't stop me falling in love with it though! I was very sad to put it back on the rail after trying it on.

There were some lovely earrings on sale - I love the cameos

Scrabble rings, purses and tea cup candles

I love the keys necklace

I also bought myself these little cameo earrings from the Lottie Loves stall. I had some very similar ones that I bought from a local vintage shop, Little Treasures, a while back, but I trod on them and broke them beyond repair, silly me! So these little gems are a welcome replacement.

I was very tempted by the little gold clock earrings too, but didn't have enough pennies on me to buy both :(

So many dresses... alas, so little money at my disposal!

I bought this lovely polka dot dress from the Pickle Pea stand. It's a lovely shape and I can't wait for an occasion to wear it (as if I need an excuse to wear something pretty and polka dotty!). Pickle Pea are also part of an upcoming Indie Craft and Vintage Market in York on the 9th April which should prove to be a great event. Sadly I'll be down in London and will miss it. But if you're in the area it should be worth a visit!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Edinburgh - A Long Weekend in the Scottish Capital

It has been a couple of weeks now since mine and Danny's little mini-holiday to Edinburgh... we had such a lovely time! The city is so beautiful, so many amazing buildings! The great thing about Edinburgh is that it is a really walkable city and there are lots of affordable decent hotels right in the city centre. Ours was a 10 minute walk from the train station and round the corner from Calton Hill.

The Royal Mile was crammed with delights, like the architecture of this wonderful building!

The First thing that we did after checking into our hotel was visit the Scott Monument. After dragging myself up the 287 steps to the top my legs were totally jellified even before the day had truly begun! But it was totally worth it, the views were amazing! It was deceptively high and the passageways got narrower the higher I climbed.

A cannon-eye view of the Scott Monument seen from Edinburgh Castle. We were thoroughly impressed with Edinburgh Castle, there's plenty to see, especially if you like a war/armourie museum or two!

Danny on the Royal Mile

Me having a little walk in the park with Edinburgh Castle in the background

We had a little walk around the botanical gardens. But unfortunately we didn't walk around the whole of the gardens, just one section, because my poor feet were all walked out!

Edinburgh Castle at night

Tempting Tattie

Danny outside the Scottish Parliament building

Holyrood Palace

Danny walking up the Craggs

I just loved all the little alleyways, steps, interesting buildings and history that lurked around every corner. I can highly recommend a trip to Edinburgh, the only problem was that I wanted the weekend to go on for a few more days!