Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fundraising for Gambia - Pretty Dress Anyone?

As many of my regular readers know I am going to The Gambia in June to help in a disadvantaged school by painting learning resources onto the walls as the school cannot afford to provide books for the children. To learn more about what I will be doing and about the F.R.O.G.S (Friends of Gambian Schools) charity that I will be representing read my previous blog post here. But in order for me to get to The Gambia and to buy all of the materials the school needs I will need to do some serious fundraising! So I am parting with some of my beautiful dresses (*sob*) and other bits'n'bobs to raise the necessary money!

So please take a look at the items below... if you like them click the link and they are all on ebay! Every single penny will go directly to the charity fundraising to help children in the Gambian school... so if you buy something from my ebay shop, not only will you be getting yourself something pretty and a bargain, but you'll also be giving a little something to charity too! It's a win/win situation all round! :D

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