Thursday, 24 March 2011

Edinburgh - A Long Weekend in the Scottish Capital

It has been a couple of weeks now since mine and Danny's little mini-holiday to Edinburgh... we had such a lovely time! The city is so beautiful, so many amazing buildings! The great thing about Edinburgh is that it is a really walkable city and there are lots of affordable decent hotels right in the city centre. Ours was a 10 minute walk from the train station and round the corner from Calton Hill.

The Royal Mile was crammed with delights, like the architecture of this wonderful building!

The First thing that we did after checking into our hotel was visit the Scott Monument. After dragging myself up the 287 steps to the top my legs were totally jellified even before the day had truly begun! But it was totally worth it, the views were amazing! It was deceptively high and the passageways got narrower the higher I climbed.

A cannon-eye view of the Scott Monument seen from Edinburgh Castle. We were thoroughly impressed with Edinburgh Castle, there's plenty to see, especially if you like a war/armourie museum or two!

Danny on the Royal Mile

Me having a little walk in the park with Edinburgh Castle in the background

We had a little walk around the botanical gardens. But unfortunately we didn't walk around the whole of the gardens, just one section, because my poor feet were all walked out!

Edinburgh Castle at night

Tempting Tattie

Danny outside the Scottish Parliament building

Holyrood Palace

Danny walking up the Craggs

I just loved all the little alleyways, steps, interesting buildings and history that lurked around every corner. I can highly recommend a trip to Edinburgh, the only problem was that I wanted the weekend to go on for a few more days!


daisychain said...

I've never been to Scotland, I really need to fix that!

Unknown said...

Honestly, you got the best possible weekend for it! The following weekend was, to put it Scottishly, pish! My pasty self hopes there's weather goodness to come though.

Danni said...

This looks like such a lovely weekend - i love trips like this, just finding time to explore new places, and taking lots of photos. Love Danny's first pose! x

Maria Fallon said...

Edinburgh is so pretty! I went when I was much younger and I left my handbag on the minibus which took us up to the parents were not best pleased :P

Maria xxx