Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Leeds Vintage Fair - Polka Dots and Pretty Things!

I was went along to the Vintage Fair at Leeds Met SU today. I have been disappointed in the past with some vintage fashion fairs, but this one was brilliant! I toodled along nice and early, paid my £1, got my hand stamped and I was ready to go! I managed to bag myself a dress (polka dot -of course!) and two pairs of earrings and met some lovely people too.

The fair was quite a lot bigger than other fairs I've been to. It was spread through both bars of the student union and had a range of goods on sale: there were lots of lovely vintage clothes stands, handmade, quirky and vintage jewellery stalls, and a few with some lovely and quite kitschy homewear bits and bobs too.

I managed (somehow, I don't know how) to resist the urge to buy one of the gorgeous looking cupcakes! I have so many cookies left over from the charity cake sale I did yesterday, I thought it'd be rude to buy more sweet treats when I have so many at home! They did look amazing though. The last vintage fair in Leeds I went to, the Marvellous Tea Dance Co catered for it and I succumbed to the cake and had a lovely slice of strawberry jam sponge with edible glitter on top!

I LOVE all the china cups and saucers... if only I drank tea! I'd fill my kitchen with them.

There were some really brilliant stalls at the vintage fair, I think this one might have possibly been my favourite. There were so many lovely items of jewellery, I really could have spent an absolute fortune! The stall belonged to Razor Blade Mermaid Jewellery a lovely, fellow polka dots appreciater, who I had a little chat with. I love how friendly and fun these events are, and full of vintage and handmade delights!

If my meagre student loan could have allowed, I would definitely have cleared out this stall, everything was so wonderful!

I love the little birdcage necklace on the left especially.

How cute are these lovely necklaces

I know someone who would LOVE the bracelet with the swallows and anchors on it...

My lovely earrings from Razor Blade Mermaid Jewellery. I love the way that they were presented on miniature playing cards: such a nice little touch.

I tried on this beautiful dress from the Dorothy's Wardrobe stall. I love the light blue floral print and the laced collar, but alas, the dress cut me in at the waist too low and wasn't flattering for my shape. It didn't stop me falling in love with it though! I was very sad to put it back on the rail after trying it on.

There were some lovely earrings on sale - I love the cameos

Scrabble rings, purses and tea cup candles

I love the keys necklace

I also bought myself these little cameo earrings from the Lottie Loves stall. I had some very similar ones that I bought from a local vintage shop, Little Treasures, a while back, but I trod on them and broke them beyond repair, silly me! So these little gems are a welcome replacement.

I was very tempted by the little gold clock earrings too, but didn't have enough pennies on me to buy both :(

So many dresses... alas, so little money at my disposal!

I bought this lovely polka dot dress from the Pickle Pea stand. It's a lovely shape and I can't wait for an occasion to wear it (as if I need an excuse to wear something pretty and polka dotty!). Pickle Pea are also part of an upcoming Indie Craft and Vintage Market in York on the 9th April which should prove to be a great event. Sadly I'll be down in London and will miss it. But if you're in the area it should be worth a visit!


daisychain said...

Damn, I knew there was a reason I should have gone to visit my brother this weekend!

The Vintage Fair said...

Hello, thank you for the lovely review of todays fair however i wanted to point out the Marvellous Tea Dance co didn't cater for our event, we do the tea party and cakes ourselves xx

Abbie said...

Ooh, thanks, sorry! I picked up a leaflet for them and assumed they had done the catering for this vintage fair too. The cupcakes and tea looked lovely though! :)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeously wonderful day out. Just my sort of day! ... :0)

Shirl x

Maria Fallon said...

Aww this looks so lovely :) I love the dress you bought too, can't wait to see how you style it :)

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

cute cups!