Friday, 18 March 2011

Pretty Floral Dress to Welcome the Spring Sunshine!

What a glorious sunny spring day it is today! This morning I handed in an assignment that I had been battling with so I went into town to treat myself to something pretty... and Peacocks certainly did not dissappoint with this gorgeous dress! I had to buy it... I justified my spending with the fact that I can use student discount in Peacocks so it doesn't count ;) Plus it comes with a belt, so I'm getting a little freebie in there too.

I love this cream floral print. My wardrobe, expecially my dresses wardrobe (yes, I have a whole separate wardrobe full of dresses!) is beginning to feature a lot of dresses from Peacocks at the moment: they're cheaper than most places and have a good range of styles and patterns that appeal to me.

Not the most fabulous photo of me... I'm not as photogenic as many other bloggers out there, so I tend to avoid outfit posts. But after putting the dress on as soon as I got home I couldnt resist sharing mm love for it with you all!

Not only is the dress available in the cream florals, but also in this very cute blue and white bird print too! Plus it's inexplicably £2 cheaper for the blue version... I think I know what I'll be buying next! But for now I'm going to put on a warm cardigan and have a sunny walk in the park to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


daisychain said...

adding dress to wish list RIGHT NOW

Oh, My Darling said...

Girl, you are rocking that dress -- how lovely for springtime!!

Ayeisha said...

I love your dress, It's lovely!


Unknown said...

oh my they are just the kind of dresses I am looking for! The blue one is fab :)