Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Blogs I Love - The Style PA

I've been meaning to start this blog feature for a while. I love blogging, and I thought I'd start a feature to celebrate the blogs and bloggers that inspire me, provide me with a myriad of lovely things to look at and a window into their world... First up.......... The Style Pa

For those of you that don't know, The Style PA aka Jenny, is my older sister. Here we are together in Camden Horse Market. She has been blogging for many years now and it was her blogging antics that inspired me to start writing my own blog. She helped me set up All About Abbie as a little creative outlet and a way of sharing my baking, things I love and places I go. After over two years of blogging, she still helps me out by sending lovely blog ideas my way and every now and again I accompany her on bloggers events. Although my style is very different to my sister's, I love reading her blog and finding out what she's been up to, for the latest fashion trends and product reviews. Also, we currently live 200 miles away, me in Leeds, her in London, so it's another way of keeping in contact.

She is always here there and everywhere and sharing her fashionista escapades on her blog.

She loves shoes and owns a wardrobe-full of them (she even owns some formidable heels that are completely unwearable, but totally gorgeous, therefore, worth owning!)

She's got style!

She's the perfect shopping companion! She encouraged me to wear dresses when I thought they wouldn't suit me or flatter my shape... and now I own hundreds (near enough!)

She shares my love of frozen yoghurt aka "fro yo"

She's an Aussie gal! She got me into Aussie's fabulous hair products after I spent two weeks with her for my alternative placement at London aquarium... I borrowed some of her shampoo and I was hooked!

Finally... 5 Facts that you might not know about The Style Pa
1. She styled an outfit for Britains Next Top Model Live

2. She also blogs for Yell.com for interior design

3. Her first job from uni was for a magazine company, which included titles such as: Knitting magazine, Dolls house magazine and woodworking plans and projects

4. She was named number 34 in the top 50 fashion insiders on Twitter and eatured in the April 2010 blogger issue of Company magazine for my role as Debenhams blog editor

5. She had an altercation with Whigfield on Twitter after she revealed her real age to her followers (she wasn't impressed, she's over 40 by the way!)


Emma Cossey said...

Ah I love this type of post!

I actually found your blog through TheStylePA I think, and I love that you both cover such different topics with the same friendly writing style.

Looking forward to reading this blog series.

Unknown said...

I'm thinking of selling my favourite pair of unwearable, formidable heels... need more room for almost formidable, temporarily wearable ones.

Debbie B. said...

Very cool and fun blog post!! Your sis sounds pretty cool and you both have great style! I actually started my blog because I loved reading my sis's too! :)

Maria Fallon said...

I love Jenny, I met her at an Aussie event and she is lovely :) I imagine you must be the same- must be a family thing! :D

Maria xxx

P.S. An altercation with Whigfield?

Unknown said...

Hello and let me say what a lovely blog. I found you via another blogger on my page and just popped on to say hi. I was in Leeds shopping a couple of weeks ago and love it. I will also be visiting the vintage market at the Corn Exchange on the 2nd April so may see you there (maybe with your sister). Would love you to visit so please feel free to hop on over to me you will be sure of a warm northern welcome and a virtual cuppa.
Take care, keep safe, be happy
Beverley xx