Monday, 7 March 2011

Edinburgh Zoo - A Fantastic Day Out!

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend in Edinburgh with the boyf. On our second day in the beautiful city we visited Edinburgh zoo. It was fantastic! One of the best zoos I have visited. Almost every animal was happy and visible in it's enclosure. Some animals, like leopards and bears, are really difficult to spot in some zoos (like London zoo!) but in Edinburgh zoo they were in full view. I highly recommend a visit to the zoo if you are in the city. We managed to get the reduced, book-in-advance, winter special tickets for a tenner each and we spent well over 4 and a half hours there! (in contrast to Dynamic Earth, that we spent a tenner on and spent a grand total of an hour and a half!). I made good use of my camera and here are some of my favourite photos from our little day trip...

I couldn't leave these little fellas out! The natural British wildlife was invading the Siberian Musk Deer enclosure and I couldn't resist a little snap of the squirrels :)

The Leopard is one of the animals I have always failed to spot in other zoos, I didn't quite get a perfect shot, but to see it at all was a bonus... and what a magnificent cat!

The Zebra and Kudu enclosure was great, really huge and had a little viewing point in the middle of it. I caught this little zebra having a drink at the water hole.

How adorable is this little guy!

It's the mating season for the penguins and this little guy spent absolutely ages painstakingly picking up pebbles in his beak and gradually filling up the nest for his potential lady :)

This amazing Sea Eagle was just hanging out right at the front of it's enclosure posing for a photo!

Possibly the snooziest koala ever!

Squirrel monkeys

The sun bear. Another animals that I have never seen in captivity, this guy was scavaging around his enclosure looking for hidden food.

The lemur walk was great too. We timed it just right when everyone was at the penguin parade and managed to have the whole place to ourselves, aside from the lemurs of course! I caught this lemur mid-leap from the rock to the log.

This lemur had a little sniff of my boots! It's so amazing to get up close to these lovely creatures. My trip to Edinburgh zoo definitely enhanced my stay in the gorgeous Scottish city!

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Nicola said...

The koala and the sun bear look like grumpy old men!