Thursday, 17 March 2011

Colouring Book Wallpaper by Jon Burgerman

I love this colouring book wallpaper designed by Jon Burgerman. I was always a child who doodled and coloured in... I won the colouring-in competition twice at primary school :) and I just know that, given the chance, I would have spent every waking moment trying to fill every white space! What I needed as my doodling outlet was this fabulous wallpaper.

Sending mixed messages to children about the "do not draw on the walls" rule? I say that this is just plain old good fun! You'd definitely have to stockpile felt tip pens though... how annoying would it be to run out halfway through!

Here's the slightly more grown up version of the great colouring book wallpaper.

I'm just waiting for a cupcake themed colouring book wallpaper and I'm there!

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