Friday, 29 April 2011

Pin Up Girl Clothing - Gorgeous Vintage Inspired Dresses

As some of my readers and Twitter followers will know, I'm currently in the process of finding my first teaching post, and I won't reveal too much as there are still a few steps to take before anything is official, but the job hunting is going incredibly well! I thought I'd share some pretty dresses with you all. These beauties are courtesy of Pin Up Girl Clothing who specialise in some amazing vintage inspired dresses. They cater for a wide range of sizes and curves too which is always nice to see!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Double Dose of Polka Dots - Emma Bridgewater

Here is your Monday Double Dose of Polka Dots... This week's dosage features Emma Bridgewater. I don't usually like multicoloured or mismatched sized polka dots as a general rule - I prefer a more regular pattern. However, I can't help but love everything that Emma Bridgewater designs! So, here's a little double dosage of the best of Bridgewater for you this bank holiday Monday....

Emma Bridgewater Aga - source
I'm not exactly sure how this gem escaped my knowledge. It was designed by Emma bridgewater as part of the Aga-rangemaster's Great British Cooker Campaign and it is delightful!

Emma Bridgewater Recipe Book - £12
I absolutely love cook books, but I must admit, and I'm sure I'm not alone with this one, I usually only use a handful of recipes from each book. This would combine all of my favourite recipes in one pretty polka dotty recipe book!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Enjoying the Sunshine!

What glorious weather we're having!! What's the betting that this is as good as it gets now for the whole summer! Everyone had hit the beaches and parks in droves today, you've got to make the most of it while it lasts I say! I decided to take a break from uni work, essays and revision for a few hours while my little sister was down to visit. We spent the day being tourists in our own town :)

You can't beat an icy cold drink on a hot day!

The funicular railway up to the East hill

Snakelock Anemones

We stopped for some delicious ice cream at Di Pola's. The ice cream is lovingly home made and delicious, I had one scoop of zesty orange and one of chocolate and Fay had malteasers and mint choc chip...

Friday, 22 April 2011

ATL Conference - Liverpool 2011

As many of you know, I was fortunate enough to be invited along to the ATL conference this week in Liverpool. It was such an incredible experience. I met some absolutely wonderful people, listened to some inspiring speeches, voted on motions and generally got well and truly into the spirit of conference!

As a trainee teacher I was invited along as an ATL Future delegate and I got to know some lovely fellow trainees and NQ's over the course of the 4 days in Liverpool. I surprised myself a bit too, I found myself incredibly passionate about a particular motion on "risk-averse mentality" in schools. So much so that I decided to take myself up to the podium and speak as part of the debate on the subject. It was ever so slightly nerve-wracking speaking up on stage in front of several hundred, experienced and inspiring, teachers. But the feedback I recieved from everyone was lovely afterwards. Despite my heart pounding in my chest and feeling decidedly shaky about the whole thing, apparently I spoke concisely and confidently! (BBC news reported on the motion here)

We were based in the BT Conference centre down by the docks and the big wheel

I love the juxtapositon of new and old buildings

Some of the wonderful people I met, enjoying Conference meal!

More lovely people!

Even more lovely people!

It was so nice to meet so many like-minded people, we had a real laugh and it was great to met someone else who loves a good sea shanty! :D

The starter of watermelon, feta, pancetta, rocket and sweet chilli was lovely!

The chicken, carrots, potatoes and sugar snap peas were gorgeous too!

Beatlez provided entertainment for the evening

Our final night in the hotel... hopefully I will be able to attend the informal ATL Future Steering Group meetings so I can stay involved and see everyone again! So I'd like to say a big thank you to ATL, and the ATL Future bunch who made the four days so comepletely brilliant!

5 Things That Make Me Smile

Just a quick post to share a few things that I have found on the world wide web that have made me smile this week...


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Rokit Vintage - Cast Your Votes....

I'm in the depths of essay-writing despair... it's just not happening... I thought you lovely lot could help cheer me up by helping me make a decision. The folks over at Rokit Vintage have given me £30 to spend. But there are SO many lovely things I want from them I thought I could use a bit of help... So people, cast your votes!

Polka Dot Bow Headband - £6

Brown Buckle Bag - £35

1980's French Glass Set - £14

1970's Glass Storage Jars - £24

Pink and White Roller Skates - £25

"Signed Sealed Delivered" Stamp Earrings - £15

Love Heart and Scroll Earrings - £5

So guys... what should I get!??

Friday, 15 April 2011

Steampunk Inspired Necklaces

Sphere and Gear Skeleton Ball Watch Necklace - £25
Owl and Hourglass

I've just discovered a brilliant writer, I may be a bit behind with this one, but I just love Robert Rankin. I bought a few of his books on a recent trip to Waterstones and I'm currently devouring 'Brightonomicon'. I love the little quirks, humour and steampunk influences. On that note, I've found some lovely steampunk inspired necklaces for your delight!

Steampunk Heart Necklace - £10.60
Fern Street Designs

All Locked Up Steampunk Necklace - £20
Trash and Trinkets

Steampunk Rusty Bicycle Necklace - £12.50
Umbrella Laboratory

Steampunk Orb Pocket Watch and Key Necklace - £11.90
Time Traveller Emporium