Monday, 11 April 2011

Vintage, Antique and Junk Shops In Hastings Old Town

Whenever I am back home for the holidays almost the first thing I do, after saying hello to the parentals of course, is to go for a little explore in the Old Town vintage, antique and junk shops. It was an absolutely beautiful day as well - perfect weather for some old town browsing. First stop: Little Treasures Vintage who are also now on Twitter too! So be sure to follow. I've blogged about this lovely shop before (here and here). I loved their little polka dot table outside the shop with this gorgeous tea cup set and glass dish!

One day I will own a lovely gold framed mirror!

I'm really into cameos at the moment, I've got some lovely cameo earrings that would look fab with these necklaces.

Next stop, the Retro Shop on The Highstreet - Now that's a whole lotta yellow! They always have a really interesting collection of retro homeware and furniture. I had my eye on a lovely set of soup bowls.

Final stop, the antique and junk yards. I love the little jumble of indoor and outdoor antique and junk stalls. You liteally never know what you're going to find... Punch & Judy puppets, a old bath, chandeliers, crockery, a wooden parrot, military uniforms, records... the list could go on! I love it. I always feel like I'm discovering a lost treasure.

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Megan said...

I would LOVE to own that gold mirror and the cameo necklaces! It looks like you found so many cool things! Thanks for sharing! ♥