Tuesday, 12 April 2011

*I'm Walking on Sunshine and Don't it Feel Good!*

What absolutely glorious weather we are having! I don't know about you but all this sunny weather puts me in such a good mood! I've got endless amounts of reading, essay-writing, exam revision, job applications and interviews to prepare for, and yet I've still got a smile on my face as there is sunshine and a big blue sky! I hope you are all able to enjoy it? What better way is there to enjoy the sunshine than take Rufus out for a walk in the beautiful country park. Here are some of my photos from our walk...

Rufus loved his walk, especially when we bumped into a lovely golden retriever, I think Rufus made a new friend :)

One of my favourite views in the country park. It makes walking up all the steps and steep hills worth it!

The white blossom and yellow gorse flowers were beautiful!

It still makes me sad to look at the poor burnt-out pier :(

I love living in the Old Town, everywhere is so pretty and the perfect walking distance from shops, bars and restaurants.

How have you been enjoying the sunshine?


Anonymous said...

What lovely pics - Rufus really is enjoying it!! He is lovely. Our dogs are loving the warm weather but I'm worried they'll be getting too hot in the summer as they just go mad and run and run when we're out!

Maria Fallon said...

Those tulips are gorgeous! I have been going on lots of walks and taking LOTS of pictures :) Rufus is adorable too :D

Maria xxx

Abbie said...

Going for a nice walk really is the best way to enjoy a bit of sunshine! :)