Sunday, 15 July 2012

Alternative Wedding Guestbook Ideas

I have been thinking about mine and Danny's guestbook for our wedding and I found some really wonderful ideas in the blogosphere. I love the idea of having a typewriter set up so guests can leave messages and share their wishes for us. I discovered the lovely photo above over at The Boho Wedding Blog and the photo below at Blue Sky Papers.

 Lovely typewriter - The Boho Wedding Blog

 Leave a message on the tree...

 I like this idea, guests leave a message on a puzzle piece - Wedding Guestbook Puzzles

 Why not leave a message on a decorative plate - The Lemon Peel

 I know Danny would really like this idea, leaving messages on records - Ti Amo

I also really like the idea of using old vintage postcards for people to leave messages on - The Boho Wedding Blog


Unknown said...

At my wedding, we had people sign inside the pages of a photo book (similar to the kind you can make and have printed on a photo site like Snapfish) that was made using photos of my husband and I when we were dating. We used silver, black, and white sharpies so you could see the writing on top of the photos. It turned out really cool!

Lucy said...

Absolutely love this! Vintage post cards in the wooden box and the beautiful cubes ....I now want to get married! Lucy x