Saturday, 23 October 2010

Want to Commission yourself a piece of Art? Now's your chance!

As many of my Twitter friends are aware, I am going to be going to The Gambia in June 2011. I will be visiting a Gambian School representing the F.R.O.G.S charity (Friends of Gambian Schools) Where I will be, along with my fellow Primary Ed students from Leeds Trinity University, transforming classrooms into useable, vibrant learning environments. We will be painting the classrooms inside and out and painting their curriculum and learning resources onto their walls as they cannot afford books for the children and teachers. Here are a few photos of the hard work of previous students involved in the project: the difference they made to the school and the lives of the children was massive.

In order for me to be able to make a difference to this school, I need to raise £1000 before February. Alongside the fundraising I will be doing at university and back home, I am going to be selling paintings.

Have you ever wanted to commission a personalised piece of art? Well, now's your chance! I am going to be lending my artistic skills and creativity to the cause. If you look through my art below and like what you see and would like something similar (or something completely different!) send me an email ( and I will create your piece of art. Alternatively you can go through my Etsy shop and "request custom item" from me.

Every single penny made will go towards my fundraising efforts to help Gambian schools. You will decide exactly how much you pay for your piece of art. As long as the cost of materials and postage is covered and at least £5 (or more depending on the piece) is going to the charity, you name your price.

So, if you want a drawing, painting, or something a little bit different, or you want to give a special Christmas present, please don't wait... email me now! Also, if you could share a link to this blog, or retweet my tweets if you are of the Twitter persuasion, it would be much appreciated!

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