Sunday, 10 October 2010

Painting - Strawberry Layer Cake With Polka Dots!

I've been getting that creative vibe once again! I havn't been inspired to get my paints out for over a year now, and I suddenly got the urge to start painting again this morning. So, I went on the bus into Leeds city centre on this sunny Sunday morning to buy myself some new canvasses and dug my paints and brushes out of the spare room. I always try to create pieces of art that express a snippet of me and things that I love, so I have combined polka dots and scrummy cake for this little painting!

This painting is now for sale in my Etsy Shop All About Abbie. I also do commissioned pieces of art, whether it be painting or sketches, so if you want a little bit of art by my fair hand, don't hesitate to "request a custom item" in my Etsy Shop!

I have rediscovered my love for painting. The only down side is that I now have two full days of uni lined up... when really I'd love to stay at home, play some music, and spend my day with a brush in my hand painting pretty polka dotted things!

My humble "artists studio" aka... a cardboard box in my spare room... it's all glam in my house! I am a poor student after all, trying to make a few pennies to be able to afford the pretty things in life!


Alexandra King said...

Hello, thought I'd take a peek at your blog, it's gorgeous. This painting is fabulous!

Abbie said...

Why thankyou! Too kind! xx

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That painting is positively darling!