Sunday, 17 October 2010

Hastings Bonfire Procession 2010! - Smugglers Adventure!

I always love the events that go on in my home town, there aren't many places that have quite so many crazy things going on - the pram race, street parties, bonfire procession, fireworks, pirate days, etc etc... This year I was lucky enough to be involved in the bonfire procession with work. We held our Smugglers Adventure banner, collected money for charity, sung sea shanties all whilst dressed as pirates! It was such brilliant fun!

On our way down to the old town from Smugglers Caves... There were a LOT of steps to carry our galleon down. Luckily we had lots of strong piratey men to lend a helping hand :)

As part of the procession we were allowed into the special fenced off area around the bonfire and after the fireworks we had the whole place practically to ourselves! We all sat around by the bonfire in our pirate gear singing songs and drinking rum and a good time was had by all!

The Smugglers Adventure bunch!

Some of our charity collection buckets

Me and my younger sister

Bonfire silhouettes


Fiona Cullen-Skowronski said...

Hi, Abbie. It's great to read your news. There's a photo with you in it on my new blog. I'm blogging The Smugglers' Caves and also the sequel.
Let's link up!
and coming very soon, the one with the photo of you in it:
It would be great if you let me tell our students from Poland, Latvia and so on about your blog, as they'll enjoy all the stuff about Hastings.
All the very best with the teaching. There's a lot more paperwork since my day.

Abbie said...

Thanks Finoa! Of course you can tell your students about my blog, I quite often blog about the caves special events :) I shall spread the word on Twitter too xx Good luck with the sequel, I can't wait to read it!