Friday, 29 October 2010

French Fancies of the Fiendish Variety!

I absolutely LOVE french fancies... they are possibly the most amazing cakes every created by man! I am not alone in my obsession either, my boss and most of my work colleagues share my love for Mr kipling's fondant fancies too, so there is often an excuse for us to bring in boxes of the delightful treats to work. I also love the limited edition varieties as well - yes it is a shameless attempt to sell more cakes with a novelty factor, but it works! The orange "Fiendish Fancies" are specially released for Halloween...

They're just so darn delicious! and pretty! (and also a ridiculously large proportion of the GDA of sugar!)

There were also some scrummy strawberry french fancies over the summer that went down a treat!

Let's not forget the "BIG french fancy" birthday cake variety: when one little french fancy just won't cut it!

The french fancy costume I made my boss for our fancy dress end-of-season party... out of a cardboard box, some pink wrapping paper and white wool! I told you we were all obsessed!


daisychain said...

Wow, I've not had french fancies in years. On my shopping list!

mispapelicos said...

Thank you so much for following my blog. Yours looks dangerous for the silhouette, he, he.
I will be back for more.
Un abrazo.

Vintage Laura xx said...

Ooh! I am partial to a french fancy and I have to say the fiendish variety are quite possibly my fave! Although I do like those summer ones cos i love the pink ones!! My mom's gone to the shop so hopefully she noticed this post as she looked over my shoulder haha!! xx

Abbie said...

Sacramento - de nada! Me encanta tu blog tambien :) xx

Vintage Laura - I'll have my fingers crossed for you that she returns laden with french fancies! xx

Unknown said...

We always call French Fancies "lady cakes", because they're so pretty and dainty! Boys are only allowed to eat the brown ones of course!