Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Goodbye Hastings Pier - 1872 - 2010

I have lived in Hastings all of my life and I have lots of lovely memories of the lovely Victorian Pier: buying ice creams as a child and walking to the end of the pier to look out at the sea and watch the fishermen, looking around the quirky little shops, and I even had my very first college party on the pier. My parents also enjoyed the pier and there were a number of bands that played there, including The Who, Hendrix, Genesis, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. Not only is it a source of lovely memories, but it is also an iconic piece of our town's history. I can see the pier from my bedroom window and from the Castle and west hill, where I work part-time in the holidays, and that lovely view has now been spoiled...

It's a very sad day for Hastings... The beautiful Victorian pier has been burnt, virtually to a complete wreck. Not only is it sad because of the loss of the beautiful and historic structure, it is also a very sad day for the people who live in Hastings knowing that there are people who are capable of doing such a horrid, selfish and disgusting thing. It is very upsetting but it also makes me incredibly cross.

My mum and dad took photos of the devestating fire that was started in the Pier ballroom. One consolation is that two men have been arrested. I heard from friends that some people saw the two men jump off the pier after starting the blaze, and they physically sat on them until the police came to arrest them. This does restore my faith in humanity and the people of my home town quite a bit! Whether or not it is true, I don't know. But I'd like to think that it is!

I used to buy ice creams from the little stalls in the entrance to the pier...

The debris from the fire on the beach

The pier... still smouldering in the morning.

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Unknown said...

Abbie, I cannot, cannot, cannot fathom why anyone could burn down such a relic, such a piece of history and of the British Seaside glory days. It's beyond sad. I visited Brighton pier for the first time last year and, tacky though it has obviously become, it had a beauty and faded glamour. So sad.