Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Tower of London and a Day as a London Tourist!

Yesterday I embarked on a little journey to London to visit my lovely sister along with the parentals. Our first point of call was the Tower of London. I'd never actually been there before in all my London outings! It was brilliant, a little pricey, but that is to be expected in the city and it was well worth it: there was so much to see!

Traitors Gate

Lion Gargoyle

Off to see the crown jewels! There was so much sparkle! But alas, photography was not allowed in the vaults... It was rather busy so we had to view the really sparkly pieces on a travelator to keep the crowds moving.

The ravens were so used to the tourists that they all posed for the many cameras...

The changing of the guard...

We made a pit stop at The Dickens Inn...

... then the weather made a turn for the worst! We hopped on a Thames Clipper to travel down the river towards Greenwich and the Maritime Museum.

Me and Jenny outside the Tower of London. I think Jenny may have coordinated her dress to match the medieval tent in the background ;)

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Coco Draws said...

Love your pictures! And pretty dress you have on. :)