Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dollydagger - Brighton Boutique and Bettie Page Dresses

Since Dollydagger opened their boutique shop in Brighton, I'd been eagerly awaiting my next trip home from uni (in Leeds) so I could visit it and see all the gorgeous dresses in the flesh. Last weekend I jumped on the train and headed along to Brighton for a day of fun with friends and so I tracked down their shop in the lanes and made a bee-line for the boutique! It was lovely to see some of the dresses I lust about on their website and it made me want them all the more! I think when I get my first proper wage in September I will have to treat myself to one! But in the meantime I will have to lust after the dresses on their website... including some of these lovely newbies in the "Bettie Page" collection... enjoy!

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Maria Fallon said...

LOOOOOVE these, that green dress is divine!

Maria xxx