Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hastings Old Town Carnival Week - Part One!

This past week has been an incredibly busy one for me! It's been the Old Town Carnival Week in Hastings and therefore lots of fun has been had by all! It's such a brilliant week, everyone gets involved to make the various events a success and it's a great excuse to get together with friends, old and new, and meet up with family too. Plus every event raises money for local charities so it's a win, win, win situation!

Towards the beginning of the week was the Tug-of-War, where lots of the pubs in the Old Town get their burliest teams together in a contest where the strongest team wins! The Filo won for the men's team, well done to you, and to everyone who competed!

Here's my new favourite dress! It's one of those lovely dresses that has a nice full skirt that floats when I twirl and It's from Peacocks - I grabbed in the sale for a bargainous £10!

I explored some of the hidden and beautiful passages in the Old Town with my mum as we had a nosey in some of the open gardens. There are some lovely little secret treasures stowed away in some of the little passages and back streets in that part of town.

Then there was the beach concert. It goes on for a few days and showcases some local favourite bands - luckily the weather was brilliant!

The view of the fishing fleet from the harbour arm.

Down by the sea... my cheeks are already looking a little rosey here, silly fool that I am, forgot to put sun cream on!

patiently waiting for his owner to come out of the antique shop...

I love the little Courthouse Street fun day...

Where else is there a piano in the street that passersby can randomly play! A couple came along, and the lady played "Happy Birthday" tune to her partner as it was his birthday, twas a lovely moment! Then this guy came along and played some amazing ditties.

The Courthouse Street fun day is concluded with the Seaboot Race, where people have to race the length of the street in fishermen's waders!

One of the regular entrants, and a local fisherman, reaching the finish line.

After the seaboot race has finished there is the Old Town Auction... Local businesses and shops all donate items which are then auctioned off to raise money for charities. I got myself a beautiful gold-framed oval mirror for £15! I also got a (very, very, very early) Christmas present for my dad - a trip out in a beautiful commercial fishing boat with a fisherman guide :)

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