Friday, 19 August 2011

Dear photograph...

I stumbled across this amazing website, Dear Photograph, whilst reading a fellow blogger's lovely blog and I instantly fell in love with the concept and poured over the hundreds of photos. The blog hosts photos that people have uploaded providing a little window into their past. They take a photo of a photograph in the location that it was taken in, and it's such a wonderful way of documenting memories, the passage of time and the human connections between the two. The above photograph came with theis note attached - "Dear Photograph, those were the days, when mom would put us in matching clothes. Fabio"

"Dear Photograph, I still hope that one day, this little dog will come back to pull my skirt again, Mathilde."

"Dear Photograph, we may have left Middletown, but our heart and sole will always be that of a shoemaker, Sam and Jaques"

"Dear Photograph, Remember when we decided to see if shrink wrap would hold my brother Joe to a tree? This made us laugh so much! Annie Enderle."

"Dear Photograph, Je t'aime Paris, but I love my mother more. After 15 years she finally brought me along, Leah Romm"

"Dear Photograph, Now he only breaks hearts, Chris Peters."

"Dear Photograph, I wonder what was over there, Casey Macauley"

"Dear Photograph, Where did all my super powers go? Emily Yaung"

Dear Photograph, Oh to be young again, Wizemark"

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Josephine Maria said...

I LOVE this find. Thank you, for bringing it into my life. xx