Saturday, 27 August 2011

Strawberry Fool - Homeware and Lovliness!

I'm beginning to get a little bit excited about moving house, mainly because the place, is a MAJOR project... the place had been neglected for a decade and has been empty for over a year. So I've spent the past week solidly, gardening, taking down shelving, polyfilling, sanding woodwork, drilling, painting, painting, and more painting! I've been a busy little bee! I just want the place to be ready for furnishing now, I'm getting a little bored of decorating! So here are a few lovely things from Strawberry Fool that I have my eye on for beautifying the flat...

Giant Red Polka Dot Tea Cup Planter - £24.99
My mum bought me one of these gorgeous planters a little while ago and I thought it'd look lovely in the new place... I just need a plant to put in it now!

Ollie Owl Bookends - £16.99
These cute little fellas would look great propping up some of my (thousands of) books

Marmite Coasters - £6.99
I'm a massive lover of Marmite, so these would be perfect, however, the other half absolutely detests the stuff, so I'm not so sure how much he'd approve of these!

Cupcake Daily Diary Chalkboard - £19.99
My mum also bought me this cute chalkboard, she knows me oh so well!

Colourful Photo Frame Clock - £31.99
I've got a free space of wall that is crying out for a lovely clock... I came across this design a while ago and loved it!

Tea Cup Silicone Cake Case - £14.99
I've been lusting after these for aaaages now, They're just such a wonderful idea!

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Kariyah said...

Cute things! I love the teacup!! I own a pair of those owl bookends - they're great!!