Monday, 23 August 2010

Vintage Internet Posters - Everything Ages Fast (Even Social Networking Sites!)

Sao Paulo based ad agency Moma has created these brilliant posters for Brazil's Maximidia seminar series. With the message "everything ages fast" the latest social networking internet sensations have been depicted as the "next big thing" of the past showing how quickly fad technology can become outdated... I love the retro and vintage style of these posters and they would definitely make a lot of money if they were to sell these posters. Well, I'd like a copy of them at the very least!

Twitter: The sublime, mighty community with just 140 letters. A virtual locality with a wide assortment of people. That's Twitter! A notorious new mechanism that lets you maintain virtual contact with family and friends no matter where they are. By following, or being followed, you will enjoy previously unimagined experiences like sharing incredible amounts of information including video, photographs etc. Twitter is a truly magnificent tool!

Your films will last forever on Youtube. The champion address on the internet. Send and watch splendid and captivating films, 24/7. Sports, news, commercials and much more. The most charming and magnificent way to entertain the whole family.

Skype: The fabulous voice system able to put your family together. Skype lets the finest quality for you and your relatives to communicate via internet. The healthiest, most economical and secure way to keep vigorous family bonds miles away. It's more than a telephone. It's a real audio-visual miracle that will put you in contact with a brand new world.

Facebook: Striking, miraculous social team-up! Share abundantly your photographs, stories and experiences with your friends and families. For leisure or labour, Facebook is the enchantment "next-look" in social team-ups. Eloquent, economical and modern examples of communication adequate for our times.

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