Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Alphabet of Abbie: A is for... Ani Pipette!

I'm starting a new little feature on my blog called the 'Alphabet of Abbie'. Each week I will feature an A-Z of things that I love, things that are important to me, and things that inspire me. This week I'm going to start right at the beginning with...

Ani Pipette!

The Pipettes are brilliant, I'm most definitely a big fan: I've seen them three times, in Brighton, London and Leeds, and every time I've been to one of their gigs I've had oodles of fun, danced to and sang along to their catchy songs. I have always loved and been inspired by their sense of style as a band - being a bit of a polka dot addict (even if the polka dots are "on ice for a while") but in particular, and more recently, I love the style of Ani Pipette...

Ani's sense of style is really fun and quirky. It always find it inspiring when someone's sense of style is a little bit different and makes them stand out from the crowd. In a recent interview with TeenToday talking about the Our Love Was Saved By a Spaceman video, Ani said, "It's better to be interesting than boring!"... hear hear!

Love the cute bob hairstyle.

Ani on the set for the video for "Stop the music"

Earth Vs the Pipettes - The Pipette's new album in available from the 13th September and has been described as "what a 'disco in space' where 'all the genres and styles that have set the dance floor going for the last fifty years were loaded onto a rocket and fired into the stars' would sound like'..... sounds good to me, I can't wait for it to be released!

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