Monday, 23 August 2010

Double Dose of Polka Dots - Dotty Doggy Delights!

My work colleague has just got the most adorable puppy and he came into work with photos of the little cutie (which they have named Jensen... such a good dog name). So, this week's double dose of polka dots has a pet theme...

Blue Polka Dot Designer Dog Life Jacket From $20.99-$33.99
Ok, so this is a very specialist item, I'm not sure I know many people with a need for a doggy life jacket (maybe because I don't know anyone with a yacht, narrowboat or even a dinghy...) However, it is cute, and it is polka dot...

Polka Dot Chi Chi Mod Pink Bed for $1540 From The Ritzy Rover Pet Boutique
This item would definitely break the bank, but if you're lying on a pretty and comfortable bed, why not afford your dog the same luxury? Admittedly one of those cushioned ones from any cheap pet shop would do, but this one is pretty and polka dot!

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