Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Santa Marta Art Project in Rio de Janeiro!

The other day whilst perusing the news and internet I came across this little project in Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by earlier projects by artists Haas and Hahns with the Favela project, The O Morro project in Santa Marta has transformed the slums there. Haas and Hahns initiated community-driven art interventions in Rio's slums in 2006 with the Favela project, where huge murals were painted on building-sides by youths and people living in the slums: offering them a chance to learn a craft and earn money whilst doing so.

The artists have totally transformed the slum, and the community too! The locals that were involved with the massive project were trained in everything from different types of paint to safety when using scaffolding: good transferrable skills for their future. Due to the huge array of building materials used in the slums, it was a challenge for all involved to work with every different building...

When all the painting was completed the huge piece of art spanned over 34 houses and buildings and roughly 7000m2 of the hillside slums, converting the area into a a momument for the community. The goal is to raise enough funds to paint an entire hillside favela potentially transforming it into one of the greatest driven artworks of our time. To help realise the goal, you can donate money to suppor the O Morro project here.

This is a truly inspiring project that is not only helping create works of art for everyone to enjoy, but training and equiping the local with valuable skills.

I love this photo.

Business as usual for this local shop owner.

The local Samba school, one of the focal points of the community, celebrating in the main square.

Taking a well earned break!

The locals involved in the huge project.

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