Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Vintage Polka Dot Dresses - Scarlet Spots!

Vintage clothing is in demand more than ever, and for those of us that don't live near some quality vintage clothing shops it can be tricky to find that one-of-a-kind special buy. That is one of the reasons why Etsy is so great. It's a brilliant way of finding some vintage delights, not quite the same as trawling the shops and stumbling upon a bargain or really beautiful dress, but it's the next best thing.

I have a fairly large, and ever expanding, collection of dresses in my fit-to-burst wardrobe. Of those many dresses most are polka dot dresses. However, one colour that is distinctly lacking in my wardrobe is red. So I thought I'd have a little peruse of the vintage dresses on Etsy and this is what I found...

I adore this cute dress! The bold colour, the size of the spots, the white sailor-style collar and the bow at the waist. love, love love it!

I love this dress, the puffy sleeves and the ruching down the side add to it's quirkiness

Lovely 80's sailor-collared dress - almost has a flight attendant feel to it.

Very 70's vintage halter dress, the collar and buttons are lovely.

Gorgeous playsuit! love the matching belt

Beautiful 80's vintage Secretary dress, love the stripe belt and faux matching hankie! So cute.

lovely vintage dress, with quirky cuffs, and a bargain too!


Anonymous said...

They're all so gorgeous! I am such a sucker for a good red dress, they never fail to get you noticed!
Think my favourites are the sailor dress and the playsuit, both really quirky and fun :)

Jess x

SweetandDandyVintage said...

I am thrilled to find a dress my little shop featured on your site! FYI...for those who like my dress, it's currently on SALE for $15!

Have a Sweet and Dandy day!

Abbie said...

You're most welcome! It's a lovely dress, and a steal at $15! That works out at under a tenner in £'s! bargain! You've got some gorgeous things on your Etsy site, and I will be sure to be checking back!