Monday, 5 July 2010

Pirate face painting and tattoos!

I love face painting. When I worked at my local aquarium I loved having special events and face painting was always my favourite part of the events. I painted seahorses, sharks, clown fish, and sea gulls. I am working at Smugglers Adventure caves at the moment and yesterday we had a special Pirate themed event, where children could make their own pirate hats, take part in a pirate quiz, dare to put their hands in the "unlucky dip", guess how many pirate coins are in the barrel and have their face painted as a pirate and have some pirate "tattoos". I was chief face painter and tattoo artist for the day and here is some of my handiwork...

The most popular tattoo of the day, and my favourite.

A selection of my pirate tattoos...

Naturally the members of staff had tattoos as well as the customers, we have to have a little fun too!

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