Wednesday, 28 July 2010

BeenBags - Customised Eco Shopping Bags

With a growing focus on recycling and sustainability, the need for reusable shopping bags has grown in recent years. There are a lot of shopping bags available from supermarkets, but who want's a supermarket branded one? and who wants to look the same anyway? That's where East Sussex based mum, tweeter and all round lovely lady, BeenBags comes in. She customises jute bags: originally starting out her Folksy shop by customising mini jute bags aimed at children, but expanding to customise larger jute bags too. She is also able to personalise the bag further with different colours, designs, and sized bags for that special, individual touch.

I love these mini jute bags, they are very cute, and are a brilliant alternative to a lunch box. The perfect size for taking lunch to and from work!

I just love these bags, they are really reasonably priced, lovingly customised and would make lovely gifts! I suggest you visit BeenBag's Customised Jute Bag Folksy Shop right away!

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