Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It's Etsy My Dear Watson: Sherlock Holmes delights!

I, like over 7 million others, tuned into the BBC's new drama, Sherlock Holmes adaptations with a modern twist. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the famous Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman takes on the role of Dr Watson. Yes, there were somewhat over-emphasised use of i-phones, computers and the like (to highlight the fact that this is a modern take on the Victorian classics). But Overall I think the Beeb have done marvellously with it, well acted, sprinklings of humour and great chemistry between the characters. Needless to say I will be tuning in for the next instalments!

I decided to have a little search for some Sherlock Holmes related delights on Etsy and here's what I found...

Published in 1955 including 8 of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories
There are seven silver plated charms on this bracelet, the Baker Street sign, book covers, and Sherlock's famous silhouette.
Coming full circle with this one, the integration of Sherlock and modern technology. Show your love for the Victorian detective by decorating your Macbook.

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