Monday, 19 July 2010

Double Dose of Polka Dots!

Today I have decided to start a new weekly feature on my blog... The day didn't go to plan for various reasons from the moment I opened my eyes, but finding some lovely polka dot things cheered me up... So, from now on I'm going to have a Double Dose of Polka Dots every Monday to share with you all!

Firstly dose of polka dots... I was walking through the old town yesterday and came across a little shop that was having a refit and it's window displays were scattered with these delightful rolls of wallpaper. I love it! I would love to have a feature wall covered with the stuff.

Second dose of polka dots... I adore this gorgeous navy blue polka dot Kath Kidston shoulder bag! I have been lusting after a lovely Kath Kidston bag pretty much ever since my obsession with polka dots began, but I am thus far still yet to buy one! They are a little pricey for my poor student budget, but the moment I get a bit more disposable income I am going to start my Kath Kidston bag collection!

I hope this double dose of polka dots has helped cheer up your Monday! Come back next week for another dosage of dots!

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Rach said...

what a fantastic idea!