Monday, 5 July 2010

The Curse of Inappropriate Footwear...

There is absolutely nothing worse than leaving the house with a long day ahead of you only to discover that those lovely shoes that you bought for the occasion, that felt so wonderfully comfortable when trying them on in the shop, are hideously uncomfortable and causing blisters on top of blisters with every step you take... I had a similar situation when I went to Italy, I had bought some cute little shoes, only, after walking for a full day around Rome in the summer heat I found the shoes horribly uncomfortable. I tried on my sister's Fit Flops and I simply must get some of my own.

Fabulous Fit Flops

Not only are these Fit Flops amazingly comfortable, they are also good for my posture and are a "workout while I walk". They are designed as a "micro-wobble-board" that slightly off balance your step so that it tones your leg muscles as you walk... Happy days! I always have had problems with ordinary flip flops in that after a day or two my calf muscles and toes are useless after over straining them to keep them on my feet. But I have had no such problem with the wonderful Fit Flops. I also have quite wide feet and they fit perfectly!

Simply Brilliant Simple Shoes
I have posted about the very brilliant Simple Shoes before, and they have become my staple, everyday shoes. I won a competition to win some a pair of shoes from the Simple Shoes website last year, and, after virtually continual wear they are still going strong. A pair of Simple Shoes is definitely worth every penny! What's more, they are eco-friendly to boot (pardon the pun!) The soles are made from recycled tyres, and almost every part of the shoe is made from some form of recycled material, so not only are you getting a brilliant pair of shoes, you are also doing your bit to save the planet, not bad eh?

Delights from Dollydagger

Every girl should have at least one pair of beautiful shoes. I'm not very good with heels but if I were to have one pair of heels these would be it! These beautiful red heels and are from Dollydagger for £75. They are perfect for glamming up a gorgeous vintage dress for a night out or a posh meal.

Wedge Trainers from Debenhams
I absolutely adore these teal wedge trainers from Debenhams for £16. I can't wear them everyday as I'm not great with heels (even these easy peasy to walk in wedges) but they are great for a more casual look.

Footglove Dolly Shoes from Marks and Spencers

When I'm on teaching placements in primary schools I have to have something uber comfortable and smart to wear on my feet. When I am in nurseries and reception classes in particular I am always on my feet and flitting about here there and everywhere. So it is important to have something that can keep up with me and avoid the dreaded blisters that are so often synonymous with "smart shoes". These cute little black dolly shoe flats are from Marks and Spencer's Footglove range and are £29.50. Having slightly wider feet, the footglove range in Marks and Spencers are perfect. They are snug, practical and comfortable, all I need from a placement shoe!

What shoes are must-haves for your wardrobe to avoid the curse of inappropriate footwear?

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