Thursday, 8 July 2010

Recycled DIY I-pod Speakers

I love music. I love my ipod, I can't begin a long train journey or a walk without it and I love being creative and customising things. I am also all for a bit of recycling where ever possible, its good for the planet after all. Therefore, I'm wanting to get my hands on these cute little recycled DIY speakers. They are available in either cardboard or plastic.

In the set you get 6 pencils and 2 speakers that are made from 70% recycled material. The great thing about these cardboard speakers is that they can be folded up and easy stored and transported.

In this set are 6 pens, 2 speakers made from 80% recycled material. The best thing about these speakers as opposed to the cardboard ones is that with non-permanent marker the pen will wipe off. Meaning that the doodling and decorating potential is endless!

Recycled Plastic DIY Speakers - £16 from Urban Outfitters

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