Saturday, 11 September 2010

Style Icon - Katy Perry

I have always like Katy Perry's sense of style, she is adventurous and quirky and is no stranger to wearing outfits that most gals wouldn't dream of donning... but that's what makes me love her. She isn't afraid to wear something a little bit different, and it almost always pays off making Katy look fab. I remember seeing Katy over a year ago play in Brighton with my younger sister and being blown away - by her numerous outfits during the gig and how her hair remained absolutely perfect despite lots of dancing on stage. Here are some of my favourite dresses that Katy has been spotted in... anyone who can wear a full blown carousel dress and get away with it (just about!) deserves praise in my books!

80's Puffball Floral Dress from PoshGirlVintage

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Anonymous said...

love her!