Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Best Parties Involve Cake and Cranium!

It was one of my good friend's birthdays, so we organised a little party, including party hats, board games, a take away and cake! Also, I've just got a new camera and was eager to give it a try... I haven't quite got the hang of all the settings but I thought I'd give it a little go and share some of the photos from the evening with you all. We spent most of the night playing the brilliant new Cranium board game.

If you're into board games and you haven't played Cranium, then I suggest you go out, buy it and make an excuse to get some friends together and play it. I love how there are opportunities for everyone to get involved no matter what their forte is. I love the "Creative Cat" challenges, where I have to draw or make things out of dough for my team to guess. A snippet from the official product description:

"Sketch, sculpt, solve puzzles, act, and hum. Your hidden talent has hidden long enough. Instant fun. Just add people. You were born to play this game. Maybe you've always wanted to use your best friend as a puppet to act out "milking a cow." Or you want to prove you can draw "bed head" with your eyes closed. Perhaps you're eager to show off your vast knowledge of "The Hoff," YouTube, and which came first, the toaster or sliced bread. If any of these are true--and even if they're not--you need to play Cranium WOW immediately. You shouldn't wait to show off your hidden talents when they're so impressive."

The new Cranium has new little customisable character playing pieces with interchangable hats and hairdos!

Joanne made this amazing tasting, chocolatey, Julie Andrews inspired, birthday cake (for our Sound Of Music obsessed friend!)

As the evening progressed, I'm not entirely sure why, but we were fascinated by the collection of magnifying glasses that my friend had. I tested out my camera and we had a little bit of a giggle along the way...

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Rach said...

That is an amazing cake!