Friday, 17 September 2010

H&M Online - Buy Pretty Dresses From the Comfort of Your Sofa!

I have been looking forward to the new H&M website like many people and so far I've not been disappointed. I always find it a real chore shopping in-store at H&M, being a larger size, I see a pretty dress, but then I'm immediately disappointed to find that my size is not in stock. It has reached a stage where I don't ever really bother going into those shops any more - the ones that promise so much prettiness but don't deliver on availability of sizes. Sadly H&M had become one of the shops I avoided for quite a while, save a few visits for accessories and a browse, but now the website is up and running I need not avoid it any longer. So far, every item that I have fallen in love with on their site has been available in my size... which is a first!

This is one of my favourites! A beautiful red polka dot dress with over-sized black bow - £24.99 and it's available in white too! (I also used the nifty little "add to blog" button conveniently situated on the product's webpage)

This is also gorgeous! A cute little chiffon dress - £24.99 available in black too.

Although there are still some negatives in terms of the new H&M website (mainly the lack of "sort by... colour/size/style" function) but there are some features that I really like. For example, I love the fact that when an item of stock is not available in the size or colour that you want H&M suggets some alternatives (shown below) so you don't have to leave empty handed - yes it may just be a nice little ploy to encourage you to spend money, but if it saves time and effort on finding the perfect pretty dress then I'm happy!

I also really like the fact that the website suggests accessories, shoes and outerwear that would suit the particular item of clothing you are buying... Overall I'm impressed with the H&M website and it's definitely worth a visit!

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Unknown said...

Much as some of the stuff on there's cute and it's going to be SO much easier being able to grab those must-haves that you never see in store, I'm not a fan of the site. I think the images are too small, the zoom's no good and there's too much flash (I'm not a flash lover). For such a massive company who are so late joining the online bandwagon, I expected more from them. Enjoyed your post though!! x