Friday, 10 September 2010

Patisserie Valerie in Leeds - Amazing Amazing Amazing!

There's a new patisserie in Leeds... Patisserie Valerie! This wonderful patisserie was founded in Soho in the 20's and have built up a fantastic reputation for some delicious handmade french pastries, cakes, croissants, along with some beautiful savouries too! I visited the newly opened Leeds Valerie Cafe with my lovely Leeds friend Tilly. We ventured into Leeds seeking pretty stationary for the impending first day back at uni (for our final year! Eep!) and we found ourselves in Valerie enjoying some truly scrummy food!

We were greeted by the sights of the beautiful cakes and ice creams in the counters.

I chose the freshly squeezed orange juice and Tilly had an iced caffe frappe, both of which went down a treat!

Me and Tilly are similar in so many ways, and our taste in food is no exception! Out of all of the gorgeous sounding choices on the menu we both had our hearts set on the same thing. In hindsight, I think if either of us had gone for a different option we both would have been eyeing up the other person's plate because the choice we did make was so delicious!

We both had the prosciutto ham, artichoke hearts, marscapone cheese and rocket on toasted ciabatta served with salad and handcooked crisps. I can genuinely say it was probably the nicest "sandwich" I have ever had! Well worth every penny!

There was the perfect filling-to-bread ratio, The ham was incredibly tasty and balanced really well with the creamy marscapone and sharper flavours of the rocket and artichoke hearts. The ciabatta bread was amazing too, it was so light and just crispy on the outside. Perfect! I can wholeheartedly recommend that each and every one of you visit your nearest Patisserie Valerie and enjoy it's many delights!

Naturally, with all the exquisit looking cakes we couldn't possibly pass up the chance to taste some of them! Although this time me and Tilly went for two different choices... that way we could have a little try of each others.

I chose the Double chocolate cake, topped with a cute little profiterole... it was so unbelievably moist, chocolatey and rich. It was amazing, but, I was ultimately beaten by the chocolate cake... that's really saying something for me! It's not often that I can say that!

Going, going... (almost) gone!

Tilly chose the cheesecake. It was really yummy, and the strawberry and white chocolate detail was lovely! For something that looked very dense it was surprisingly light and delicately flavoured with lemon.

Tilly going in for the last mouthful!

I loved the decor in the cafe too. The huge mirrors were gorgeous! As were the Toulouse Lautrec inspired prints and artwork on the wall. The whole atmosphere of the place was lovely!

...And for those of you who don't have time for the sit-down meal there is no excuse to avoid the delicious indulgence, because Patisserie Valerie do take-aways too! Tilly bought a slice of the double chocolate cake to take home to her husband.

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