Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Writing on the Wall - Chalkboard Paint

As a young child I had a sort of fascination with drawing on the walls. I always found it irresistible and so appealing. I think it was something about having all that space to draw, along with the fact that I wasn't allowed to do it of course! So naturally I love the idea of chalkboard paint. There are just so many ways to use it and to let your creative juices flow. After trawling the wonderful world wide web of blogs I found some really lovely ideas.

via Design Sponge - I need one of these for work, making 6 cups of tea and then remembering whose is whose gets a bit tricky!

Via Bedzine - I think this is a great idea, and all sorts of things can be painted with chalkboard paint: bottles, boxes, plant pots etc.

I love this! It's a brilliant way of writing up and remembering some of my favourite recipes.

Via Everything Fabulous - no longer will you need x-ray eyes to know what's in the kitchen cupboards!

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