Monday, 14 June 2010

New house in the old Town...

My parents have moved into a lovely new house in the Old Town in Hastings. The location is absolutely perfect: 3 minutes to the beach, 3 minutes to the country park, 3 minutes from the old town shops, bars and restaurants... in fact, it's more or less 3 minutes from everywhere (anywhere worth going anyway)! The building itself is gorgeous too, it's a listed building and has 4 floors on split levels. Because it is an old house it has absolutely tons of character and it has some lovely old fashioned features that, with a little love and attention, will be absolutely lovely.

This is the view from my little bedroom in the "servants quarters" on the top floor.

The front garden, a view from my bedroom window.

There are a LOT of stairs... you get a little dizzy going from the top floor to the bottom floor!

The tiles in the bathroom - some might say that they are old fashioned, but I love them!

The fireplace in the kitchen complete with pretty flowers :)

The country park, (AKA the back garden!) is such a beautiful place to go walking with Rufus, there are absolutely gorgeous views, and if I'm feeling particularly adventurous I can walk across the fire hills towards Fairlight and beyond!

Needless to say Rufus loves where we are living now, what dog wouldn't love living so close to all this wide green space!


Unknown said...

Love the pics sis!

Abbie said...

Why thank you! I just love this house! I am looking forward to a lovely summer here before I have to go back for my final year at uni xx