Sunday, 9 May 2010

Polka dot teapot jewellery

I love all things teapot and teacup related... but... I don't actually like tea. I realise that is a little odd, but I just can't help it! My friend got me this lovely little polka dot teacup and saucer last Christmas, and I love it. Oh and the tea in the cup is of course not for me, but for my boyfriend (one of my more generous moments)

Dollydagger is one of my favourite websites for all things quirky, kitsch and cute. They have a lovely range of jewellery, and some of it features polka dots and teapots, so naturally I LOVE these adorable little polka dot teapot earrings and matching brooch, both priced at £20.oo
Dollydagger Teapot Earrings*
Dollydagger Teapot Brooch

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