Thursday, 27 May 2010

Retro toys! My childhood summed up...

Following a conversation on Twitter with LolaKitty and The Style PA about Polly Pockets... I decided to write this post about the toys from my childhood. I was born in '87, and I watched a lot of cartoons (including Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Care Bears, Gummy Bears, etc). Looking back I think I spent my entire childhood either watching cartoons and crazy 80's films, playing computer games and playing with weird and wonderful toys. Here are some of the toys that I had as a child... which ones did you have?

If only I didn't give away my Polly Pockets my collection would probably look a little bit like this one! sad times...

My favourite Polly Pocket, I remember buying it from Woolworths (RIP) after my birthday, it's a Snow White's Cottage Polly Pocket complete with Snow White herself, the seven dwarves, the wicked witch, and a revolving floor that made the little dwarves dance in circles (it blew my mind as a young child!)
I was absolutely obsessed with Puppy in my pocket... the extend of my ridiculousness stretched to memorising every single puppy's name, and I had a LOT!

I was a MASSIVE fan of Care Bears, I had all the videos, watched the cartoons religiously and even had Care Bears wallpaper in my bedroom! Oh I was cool :D

I had quite a few My Little Pony toys, although it was more my older sister that had these. I do remember having a big pony that had a saddle that I could open with a key and hide things inside it, which was one of the most exciting things ever for a child!

Lego was the staple toy for me and my sisters as children, we had huge tubs of the stuff and often spent hours making tall towers, making houses and restaurants (for some reason). To this day, one of my favourite childhood memories was when me and my sisters had been playing with our Lego all day, and after we had gone to sleep that night, my parents stayed up til the early hours of the morning making a huge Lego town! It was magical! We refused to put it away for ages and it took up the whole of the front room.
When I got a little bit older I got myself a Furby, in hindsight one of the most annoying toys ever! They wouldn't ever be quiet and I had to put it in my wardrobe to stop it making noise quite a few times only to hear it squawking "NO.. LIGHT".... *shakes head* my poor parents!

I absolutely loved my game boy! I only had a few games including Tetris and Batman.

Last but not least the wonderful Sega Megadrive... This happy little gaming console ate up most of my childhood with platform gaming delight! In fact, I still have my Sega Megadrive and over 50 games!

The classic Sonic the Hedgehog with his trusty little foxy sidekick Tails. I could probably play this game from start to finish with my eyes closed!

Loved this game, even though I think I only ever finished it once. Before the novel idea of being able to save game progress came about, I remember my dad playing Fantastic Dizzy continuously for about three days to finish it, leaving the Sega on pause overnight!

What toys did you have as a child?? feel free to share!


Lindsey said...

Ah! One of my favourite subjects!!! I had polly too - she rocked! Loved (and had forgotten all about) Puppy in my pocket! I had loads too!

I actually still have a My Little Pony - Princess Starsong, shes so pretty and i love her! :-)

Abbie said...

wow! that's amazing! I don't know many people that had puppy in my pocket :)

I heart cupcakes said...

I "killed" my husbands furbie - it used to drive me up the wall speaking and shouting out in the night so I threw it out the window when I had a massive hangover. He sulked for days, but I got some sleep and he was too old for it anyways :)

fenifur said...

I still remember "Puppy in my pocket, as cute as can beee - I wanna take them all hoome with meee" - adverts really do brainwash you don't they! Like the supersoaker ones with the water pistols that just got bigger every year...