Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Baseballs - my favourite new band

I have officially found my new favourite band... The Baseballs. I have been eagerly awaiting their debut album, and I have not been disappointed! I love everything fifties, especially the music, and these three charming gents take modern songs and give them a fifties inspired make-over, with brilliant results!

The three rock and roll singers met in tea room in a heavy metal rehearsal bunker in Berlin, noticed their shared hairstyle, started jamming and formed The Baseballs. With pomade in their hair and the king in their voice they easily make their fifties styled cover songs sound like originals. Simply put this album is great fun! And I defy anyone to listen to the album through and not want to don a fifties circle skirt dress, red lipstick, heels and dance around the room! (if you are a man: substitute the dress, lippy and heels for a checked flannel shirt, comb in the back pocket and sideburns... unless of course the dress is your thing)

Their debut album 'Strike' is out now and available on Amazon now. As the band have said, "we take good songs and lead them to their true calling"... The track listing is:
1. Umbrella
2. Love in This Club
3. Hey There Delilah
4. Bleeding Love
5. Hot'n'Cold
6. I Don't feel like Dancin'
7. Don't Cha
8. Let's Get Loud
9. Angels
10. Crazy in Love
11. This Love
12. The Look

All that remains now is for me to eagerly await their tour and visit to the UK so I can get on my finest fifties gear and see them live! I am jealous that Germany gets to keep them all to themselves! Needless to say, the second the tickets go on sale, I'm there!

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Rach said...

I love love love this band! I'm going 50's hollywood for my college art; fashion and textiles project so this band really made me smile