Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Trainee teachers just a-wanna have fun!

Seeing as the weather has been so lovely, and I'm turning 23 on Sunday, I decided to have a little soiree in my back garden. My fellow Leeds friends and I are all trainee primary school teachers, and are all big kids, so naturally we decided to have a children's themed birthday party...

Every good children's party... and any other kind of party for that matter!... needs cupcakes!

For that sugar-high, lots of cherryade, cream soda and lemonade was had by all.

Scrummy burgers and sausages! Delish!

We played party games and pass the parcel, and of course, we all had party bags filled to the brim with sweets and a party blower :)

Even the bunnies got to join in with the fun :D

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