Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer Garden!

I have been inspired by the beautiful weather to write a summer garden blog post. To prepare for the summer weather I have given our garden a good tidy and sort out. I started thinking... there is definitely something missing from our garden... colour! For me summer is about bright colours and sunshine. But my garden, (lovely as it is) is green, green, and more green. So I made myself a little visual wish list on Polyvore to help brighten up my garden this summer.

I love the mini BBQ perfect for a garden that is short on space, and of course no BBQ should be without this gorgeous floral apron!

What I am looking forward to most is tea parties in the garden this summer, and what tea party is complete without cupcakes, tea pots, cake stands... and bunnies!


Rach said...

awww abbie this is so gorgeous!

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I love the inclusion of bunnies! This nice sunny weather means my guinea pigs get to go out lots :)
I absolutely adore tea parties and garden parties and these sets are lovely.

Florrie x