Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunshine and Cake in Wandsworth Common

I am visiting my lovely sister The Style PA in London for two weeks while I am on placement at London Aquarium. It was my first day and the weather was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky and definitely T-shirt and shorts temperature! So me and Jenny headed along to Wandsworth Common and stopped off at Crumpet for an icy cold Coke and a slice of cake.

Icy cold Coke and scrummy carrot cake!

close up... the lemon icing was lovely!

To finish off our afternoon and to enjoy the sunshine to the fullest we spread a blanket in the common, ate olives, and did crossword puzzles... what can I say? we live life on the edge!


Unknown said...

I still don't like olives...

Temporary:Secretary said...

cake looks yum!
have a fun time xx

Image-I-Nation Photography said... got me drooling !!!!!

Blog looks wicked abbie !